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Picus Player Lite 1.742

Picus player is a standalone audio-video player with rich features. Picus Player

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License: Free

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Publisher's Description of Picus Player Lite 1.742

Picus player is a standalone audio-video player with rich features. Picus Player is one stop solution to organize audio and video media on android platform. Picus player implements its own database, sorting algorithms, media scanner, and bookmark manager.

Picus Player has following features:

Playback Modes – Shuffle, Repeat One, Repeat playlist, Normal

Metadata – Extracts Information like Album, Artist, Genre, Title and Album art.

Default Playlists – Picus player provides various playlists for viewing tracks based on their metadata information like Artist, Album and Genre and album art/video art. Tracks can be seen in A-Z and Z-A order. Picus player also provides default favorite lists Recently Added, Recently Played playlist for quick access to latest media files.

Custom Playlists – The user can create their own custom playlists by adding and removing content in to a playlist
Media scanner – Picus Player provides its own media scanner to update track list for newly added or removed tracks.

Bookmark – Picus Player allows user to add unlimited video bookmarks. Picus Player allows viewing and removing bookmarks with thumbnails along with timestamp of bookmark

Auto bookmarks – Picus Player will scan video file automatically for maximum 8 near-equally spaced positions and stores them as bookmark.

Resume – Picus player stores information for last track played and resumes from same position where playback was stopped. This will provide continuous playback effect.

Seeking – Picus Player supports seeking at various seek speed like 2x, 4x, 6x and 8x.

Track Information – Picus Player provides advance track details like duration, codec, bit rate, sample rate, resolution, etc…

Battery indication – Picus Player displays real time battery charge status on video playing screen.

Brightness Control – Picus Player provides brightness control while video playback to adjust lights of display.

Network Support – RTSP and streaming content are supported.

Skins – Two excellent skins.

Swipe gestures – User can change track using Swipe left or right.


Lite version is limited to maximum 10 audio tracks and 5 video tracks.

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Recent changes:
- Improved Fast Video art extraction
- Minor Bug fixes.

Content rating: Everyone

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