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Always be confident in your tuning with the help of Pitch.

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Windows Mobile


License: Shareware

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Publisher's Description of PITCH 2.0

Combining the accuracy of a tuning fork and the convenience of pitch pipes, Pitch is an ideal utility for tuning up to, or checking the pitch of your instrument or voice.

In addition, Pitch can be used to play melodies either via individual pitch names or by using a keyboard with synthesized sounds.

Define the frequency of Concert A pitch, transpose playback for different instruments and choose from a number of different skinnable interface styles to suit your taste.

All you need is a PocketPC running either Microsoft PocketPC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

- Full chromatic pitch playback across two octaves
- Pitch notation and selection from musical stave
- Customisable definition of Concert A pitch (390 - 470 Hz)
- Support for five different tuning standards (useful for period and contemporary performance)
- New transposition mode for compatibility with transposing instruments
- Selection of synthesised playback instrument sounds
- Musical keyboard and pitch name input
- Visual playback indicator
- Customisable interface with 3 new skins
- Support for portrait, landscape, square and high-resolution devices
- Integrated help system

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