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PlayerPro DSP pack 2.0

PlayerPro DSP pack is a free digital sound processing plugin for PlayerPro. Play

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License: Free

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Publisher's Description of PlayerPro DSP pack 2.0

PlayerPro DSP pack is a free digital sound processing plugin for PlayerPro. PlayerPro is an advanced music player for Android devices (2.0++).

The DSP pack is required for Android versions prior to 2.3 as there is no support for Audio effects in those versions (Eclair and Froyo).

For 2.3 and later devices, PlayerPro uses by default the built-in Android audio effects. It is thus not mandatory to install the DSP pack. Nevertheless, you may still want to try out the DSP pack for the following reasons:
- You might find the quality of the audio better than the native Android one.
- The performance of the decoding might be superior to the Android one for some or all music formats.
- The DSP pack might be able to playback some files that the Android native pack fails to read.
- The DSP pack offers a 10 band equalizer whereas the Android native audio effects only offer a 5 band equalizer.


* From PlayerPro, go to Settings > Audio > Download DSP pack.

* Once installed, activate the audio pack via Settings > Audio > Activate DSP pack option.

* Restart PlayerPro for the changes to take effect.

* The equalizer settings are available via the option menu and on the default player screen.

* Adjust the audio buffer if you experience playback skipping (old/less powerful devices): Settings > Audio > Audio buffer. Larger buffers should reduce skipping.


PlayerPro relies on the Android media scanner and media store for playback. This means that it will only play music files that are natively supported by your phone, even if it supports a wider range of media codecs (ogg, flac, wavpack etc). Support for custom media files will be added in a future release.


* Supports all common formats: mp3, mp4, m4a, wma, ogg, wav, aac, flac, wavpack.

* 10 band graphic equalizer with 15 default presets

* Customizable presets: create, edit, rename, delete ...

* Preamp control

* Bass boost control

* Volume control

Supports armv6 and armv7 (NEON) devices. Optimized for NEON devices.

Recent changes:
- Added support for flac format: mono/stereo, 16/24 bits, dithering support, sampling rates 8kHz-96kHz.
- Added support for wavpack format: mono/stereo, 8/16/24/32 bits, dithering support, sampling rates 8kHz-192kHz.
- Added new optimized wma codec (up to 2 times less CPU consumption).
- Added new optimized ogg codec (up to 2 times less CPU consumption).
- Added NEON optimizations for wma, m4a/mp4/aac decoding on NEON CPUs (up to 5 times less CPU consumption).
- Added app2sd support.

Content rating: Everyone

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