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PlayPad Digital Audio Player 1.12

Play audio, mp3 and music with this playlist software.

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License: Freeware

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Publisher's Description of PlayPad Digital Audio Player 1.12

PlayPad is free digital audio player software for Windows, Pocket PC or Smartphone devices. Playing your music and mp3s on a computer has never been easier. Within minutes you will be able to import your audio, create your playlist and then sit down and listen.

This audio player is built light, simple and robust, and won't slow down your computer like other digital audio players. PlayPad still has all the standard player functions like shuffle, repeat track and repeat playlist. PlayPad can also play a wide range of the latest audio formats.

- Light, simple and robust
- Play mp3, wav, music or any other audio and create playlists
- Track and playlist features include shuffle and repeat
- Supports the formats mp3, wav, wma, m4a, vox, gsm, real audio, ra, ram, au, aif, flac, ogg and many more.
- Pocket version supports .mp3, .wav(pcm only), .aif, .au, .gsm.
- Import previously compiled playlists or complete directories of audio files
- Export a playlist (m3u, pls, wpl, xml) to batch convert or normalize using Switch Audio Converter.
- Customize what you want displayed in the list view including Title, Album, Artist, Name and format extension.
- Minimize to the system tray to run in the background.
- Burn directly to CD using Express Burn software.
- PlayPad is completely free.

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