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PocketAxe Guitar 1.2

A Software Guitar for your Pocket PC.

Software Information of PocketAxe Guitar 1.2

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Windows Mobile


License: Shareware

Downloads: 967

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Publisher's Description of PocketAxe Guitar 1.2

With the PocketAxe Guitar, you load the chords for a song and strum or pluck the strings on the screen. You don't need to hold strings with one hand and strum with the other. You can sound like a guitar wizard right from the start. This picture shows what it looks like as you play

Learn to Play Guitar the Easy Way

With PocketAxe, you load the chords for a song before you start to play. You don't need to worry about chord formation. You can start right in learning strumming patterns and picking techniques. You can learn how to play by ear. Learning guitar has never been more fun.

Practice Guitar on the Bus, Train, Plane and Subway

Plug in your earphones and you can practice chord sequences anywhere, anytime - no bulky equipment and no setup time. Don't just sit there - play something

Compose Songs Anywhere the Muse Strikes

With PocketAxe, you can try out an idea the instant it comes to you. Try different keys. You can quickly work out the chords. Even if guitar isn't your strongest instrument, PocketAxe makes it easy.

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