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PocketTV Classic 1.4.7

PocketTV is a full-featured MPEG Movie Player and VCD Player.

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Windows Mobile


License: Freeware

Downloads: 5373

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Publisher's Description of PocketTV Classic 1.4.7

PocketTV is a full-featured MPEG Movie Player and VCD (Video-CD) Player for Microsoft Windows Mobile Powered devices such as:

-Windows Mobile Phone and Smartphone (Windows Mobile 6.2, 6.1, 6, 5)
- Pocket PC Phone and Pocket PC (2003 SE, 2002 and 2000)
- Handheld PC
- Casio Pocket Manager

More PocketTV Facts
-PocketTV Classic is free for personal use.
-PocketTV is one of the most downloaded third-party Windows Mobile freeware. PocketTV has already millions of users.
-PocketTV can play any standard MPEG-1 video file (extension .mpg or .mpeg), including VCD (Video-CD).
-PocketTV can play VCD (Video-CD) movies. Copy the VCD .dat file in your memory card (using your PC) and change the .dat file extension to .mpg to play with PocketTV.
-DVD's can be converted into MPEG files and played by PocketTV. There are many tools (both commercial and free) that can convert DVD's into MPEG files.
-PocketTV provides you with the unsurpassed video and audio quality and many useful features not found in other video players.
-PocketTV takes full advantage of the new features of Windows Mobile 6.2, 6.1, 6 and 5 (on-the-fly display rotation, Soft Keys, VGA resolution, etc).
-On the VGA-resolution devices's, PocketTV takes advantage of the video hardware accelerators chips (such as the ATI Imageon 3200 series or the Intel Marathon 2700G), so it can play VGA-resolution MPEG files (i.e. DVD quality) with optimum quality.
-Compare PocketTV with Windows Media Player and the other mobile video players.
-PocketTV works well with Internet Explorer. You can play an MPEG movie by just tapping a link in a web page.
-PocketTV is capable of streaming MPEG video files using standard internet protocols such as http, provided that your device has a wireless network connection that supports the necessary bandwidth i.e. the bitrate of the MPEG file that you want to stream.

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