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PolyMath Radio 0.5.1301288673

"We're what you get when TV and Radio have sex"

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Polymath Radio was launched in July 2010 as the first major project of Polymath Media, a division of Polymath Entertainment. The mission: to find the best independent music and deliver it to the homes and work environments of music lovers internationally. Polymath Radio always pays attention to what the listeners want.

As a sign of our dedication and loyalty in delivering music trends, Polymath Radio is actively expanding its comprehensive marketing and making networking the fundamental basis of communication by evolving our original vision.Polymath Radio has started establishing relationship with marketing agents, promoters, managers, event organizers, independent artists, and others. We work hard to bring our brand to local listeners everywhere: in their homes, in their cars, on their iPods, and at work. As our audience continues to grow, big music conglomerates supplant genuine music with MC-entertainment, whereas Polymath Radio harnesses the full potential of the Internet to bring art of rhythm to listeners of all nationalities.
By bringing music novelty to numerous environments al over the world, our strategy to change the way you listen to music is steadfast. Our music excites and provokes audiences everywhere to move, feel and act. We deliver sound in an uncommon way, where artistic integrity is always at the forefront

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