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ProTone Voice Recorder 2.07

Capture what you want by ProTone Voice Recorder.

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Publisher's Description of ProTone Voice Recorder 2.07

Perhaps you want to capture the first words of your baby girl and send it to your friends. Or perhaps you need to record an inspiring lecture at the university or an important presentation at your company headquarters. Or maybe you are just interested in the sound of a butterfly.

Whatever your need is, you don't want to struggle with technology. Certainly not when you are about to capture the sound of a butterfly. It might just fly away.

ProTone understands your needs with a minimum of tapping, selecting, configuring, adjusting and the general hassle. For example, you can assign your device buttons to ProTone functions and make recordings using one hand only, without tapping the screen at all.

If you make very long recordings, ProTone supports SD and CF cards and other external storage.

If you record speech, the GSM6.10 compression will get you 20 hours on a typical SD card. But GSM6.10 is not perfect for capturing the sound of the butterfly. And you may not have the card.

To help with this, ProTone silence removal system automatically cuts out the unwanted silence. This saves storage and captures what you really want with the quality you need.

ProTone Voice Recorder brings Pocket PC user experience to a new level. It is an essential addition to your favourite Pocket PC programs.

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