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Radio Finder! 1.0.0

Find radio stations near you with one click!

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Publisher's Description of Radio Finder! 1.0.0

Using your device's GPS and a local database (no internet connection required) with the tap of a button you will see a list of all of the radio stations you can receive from your current location and what format (rock, classic, news radio, ect...) they play!

Let's face it, the scan feature of your car's radio just sucks. This app is especially useful if you are traveling, just open the app and find radio stations!

Note to our friends overseas: this application only includes a database of every radio station in U.S. territories. But if this is an app you would find useful, send me an email with your country. If I get enough requests I'd be happy to make a version for your area =)

Also please shoot over an email if you have any feature requests, I'd love to hear from you!

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