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Reggae Guide 1.0

The Reggae Guide App delivers you the Reggae Festival Guide and more.

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License: Freeware

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Publisher's Description of Reggae Guide 1.0

Want the latest Reggae Runnin’s?

The Reggae Guide App delivers you the Reggae Festival Guide and more at your fingertips!

Get your up-to-date Reggae and World music Festival Listings globally. Stay in step with the latest shows! V-Ital stats for each festival, including direct links to festival websites.

The Reggae Guide App Jukebox plays you new and all star artists music, filled with album covers, photos, album names, song titles, and lets you know what you are listening to. You can play all and listen in the background as you view other pages on the app or listen to singles one at a time. Finally, The Jukebox will tell which festivals you can go to see featured Jukebox artists.

The Reggae Guide App links to the content of RFG’s 15th Anniversary Edition so you can enjoy our features – readings for your reasonings!

Keep up with the latest Reggae News around the globe with daily industry, fan and streetz-wize updates.

Stay Tuned for Version 2!!! Exciting new features coming: the Roots Gallery, Rasta Reasonings, performance videos, culture shop listings, and Helping Hands [direct links to 501.c3 Organizations]. Even purchase festival tickets!

The Reggae Guide App is your festival guide companion, PLUS your source for the features you’ve come to love over 15 years of reading Reggae Festival Guide magazine, Reggae Festival E-Guide and the Reggae Festival Guide website.

The app requires a WiFi or cell network connections for all features to function. The app retrieves information to display and music to play from the server when connected.

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