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Remote Gallery (SSH) 2.0

Quickly access your entire photo gallery on the go via SSH

Software Information of Remote Gallery (SSH) 2.0

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License: Free

Downloads: 527

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Publisher's Description of Remote Gallery (SSH) 2.0

Attention: Remote Gallery is intended for people who have access to a SSH server where pictures are stored.

The app will be useless without the server component.

Remote Gallery is an application for Android devices which connects to a SSH server where your pictures are available and downloads the images to your device.

In order to save bandwidth and speed up the download, Remote Gallery optionally reduces the size of the images on the server prior to being sent. The images are cached locally on the device and are made available to other apps on the device.

Configuration instructions can be found at:

Remote Gallery is open source software:

Recent changes:
- New: Updated icon
- New: Added a context menu to calculate the current cache size
- Fix: Change folder icon after deleting cache from the remote browser

Content rating: Everyone

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