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Samsung Epic Audio Workaround 1.0

Provides a workaround for the "video records with no audio" Samsung Epic problem

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Publisher's Description of Samsung Epic Audio Workaround 1.0

Some of the Samsung Epic phones have a flaw where periodically the audio in a video recording will fail to record. The audio can be heard while recording but not on playback. Any future attempt to playback that recorded video on the phone or another computer (PC, etc.) will have limited to no audio. The problem seems to be aggrevated by the device resuming from a sleep or locked mode.

This application provides a quick automated way to guarantee that the video recorder application is opened in a state that will capture both video and audio.

The use of the application is very simple. Instead of running the normal launcher icon for the video recorder for your Epic, run this application instead. It will prepare the microphone, perform a quick audio recording to a temporary location on the SD card, and then request that the standard video recorder be launched. For the duration of the time that the video recorder application remains open, every recorded video will also have audio.

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