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Score Master Lite 1.17

Touch piano before note reaches the left line! This is a (musical) score readin

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License: Free

Downloads: 473

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Publisher's Description of Score Master Lite 1.17

Touch piano before note reaches the left line!

This is a (musical) score reading training application.You can learn note position of a sheet music.

There are two modes.
★ practice mode
Note stops untill you touch right note, so you can play at your pace. This mode is recommended for beginners,too.
★ normal mode
Note comes in real time. if you fail to press right note in time, miss count increases.

Changeable settings(press menu key at title)
* sound volume(become 0 if phone's ringtone volume is 0)
* accidentals(5 types.none,#,b,# + x,b + bb)
* keyboard settings(6 types.none,doremi,code,iroha,german,chinese)
* clef(3 types. G(treble),F(bass),C(alto))
* key signature(10 types.C major,# signatures(upto 5),b signatures(upto 4))
* sound(2 types.piano and electorical sinusoidal wave)
* low memory mode(becomes simpler drawing)

- Accidentals(#,b etc) effects only current bar. Across the new bar line, accidentals effect will be reset.
- In contrast, changed key effect lasts during the staff notation if you change measure.
- If you touch right note as close as left judgement line, you'll get better judgement(perfect > great > good).

[About combination of settings]
- Even if you select flat appear mode,sharp appears to override other accidental effect (this case only) with sharp key signatures selection.
- And when you select many sharp key signatures like B major with flat appear mode, natural appears more frequent.
- Many flat key signatures with sharp appear mode behaves similarly.

Recent changes:
1.17 added chinese scale and modified japanese scale(to kanji and hiragana)
1.17 added drawing line at note as needed when that note is out of staff notation(like normal C)
1.16 bug fix.not to terminate when selecting mode and press home key immediately before game starts.
1.16 fixed typo(apppears -> appears)
1.16 improved drawing speed a little bit
1.15 added low memory mode for devices which can't play by memory error(this is experimental).In this version, result view become simple.

Content rating: Everyone

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