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Set as wallpaper 1.01

This application lets you choose an image on your Android device (SD Card, inter

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License: Free

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Publisher's Description of Set as wallpaper 1.01

This application lets you choose an image on your Android device (SD Card, internal storage) and it applies it as your home screen (or "desktop") wallpaper.

This particular app has been coded for the older devices in mind (HTC Hero, T-Mobile G1, Motorola Droid, etc), as it is LIGHTWEIGHT: no background processes, no media scanning services, no caching nonsense. This is as simple as it can get.

** Features **
- Image file browser, with images thumbnails (the file browser in this app only shows you images and does not display the rest)
- Has its own "image crop" window and NOT rely on neither the "Camera" or the "Gallery" app to crop your image. (Contrary to one of the rating comment I have had on this app so far saying otherwise. Have you been using/rating the right app?)
- If you'd rather use your preferred Android file manager, you can also open your images from there and choose "Set as wallpaper". You might have to long press and choose "Open with..", depending of the file manager. (See the third screenshot for an example of this)

** Limitation **
I ask Android "What image size would you like to have as a wallpaper?" and I use this answer to "lock" your selection (in the cropping window) in a certain aspect ratio. You can definitely select a big portion of your images, but a part of the image will be unselectable. On the other side of the coin, the selection fits exactly your home screens.

** NON-features (This app does NOT have these) **
- This app does NOT fetch images from online repositories to apply them as a wallpaper. There are already over 9000 applications on the market that does this, and this one right here doesn't. This app only reads images on your local SD Card.
- This app does NOT cache images, because it only adds clutter on your storage space. Also, since i'm aiming specifically at older devices, I am speeding things up considerably here.
- This app does NOT stay "always on" as a background service, because again I try to keep it fast for older devices. When you quit the app, the app quits too. Keep it simple stupid :)

*** Developer comments ***
This is my very first Android application (and I learned Java ONLY to develop for Android), so please try to NOT be harsh if things doesn't work the way you wanted :-)

Even though this application is my first "baby footsteps" in the Android programming, I have tested this on a HTC Hero, on a Nexus One, and to a lesser extend with a T-Mobile/HTC G1, and found things were doing great with no bugs. However, if you try to load bigger than PC desktop sized wallpapers (roughly 2000x1500 and bigger) into this app, Android will complain about not having enough memory to load up the image. You will see things in the system "logcat" on that matter, but I gracefully reload the image at a smaller scale to circumvent the lack of needed memory to load huge images. I just thought i'd let you know.

PROTIP: If you have a rooted Android device and never use the Gallery app, I am happy to announce that you can get rid of it, as my application does NOT rely on the Gallery app to crop images (some "apply image as wallpaper" applications does, strangely enough). You probably figured out that the Android provided Gallery app scans the whole SD card for images and caches thumbnails in certain circumstances (on reboot, on mount/dismount, etc). So if you're trying to get the best out of your aging device but still want to get a "set image as wallpaper" app, I suggest you to try to remove your Gallery app altogether, if you know what you are doing (not for the faint of the heart)! :-) If you still use the Gallery app to view images, of course please disregard all this paragraph!

set homescreen, apply homescreen, set background, apply background, all your base are belong to us, set wallpaper, set image wallpaper, set image, apply image, goddammit Notion Ink please ship your orders already :) (Yes, i'm random like that)

Recent changes:
- Adds "Toast" notifications to indicate to the user what to do (on app start and on start of the "crop the image" activity)
- Fixes a NullPointerException error that can happens if the user touches the screen after having selected a file in the browser, before the "Please wait" dialog appears.

Content rating: Everyone

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