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Simbsoft Voice Recorder 1.2

Transform your Pocket PC into full featured voice recorder and audio player.

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License: Shareware

Downloads: 2166

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Publisher's Description of Simbsoft Voice Recorder 1.2

Don't you have time to make notes or write down ideas in a personal diary? Are you frequently faced with the necessity of accumulation your thoughts? Do you want to record bird singing, the voice of your pal or foreign language conversation with your Pocket PC?

Voice Recorder is a high-performance audio recording tool which allows you to record everything you hear. Use it as your personal diary, organizer with audio notes or assistant in studying foreign language.

Record whatever you want wherever you need with Voice Recorder!

General Features:

- Industry Standard WAV file format
- GSM 6.10 Recording (special for voice recording)
- PCM Recording
- PCM Sampling Rates: 8kHz, 11kHz, 22kHz, 44kHz
- PCM Sample Size: 8bit, 16 bit
- Memory Card support
o Secure Digital (SD)
o Compact Flash (CF)
o MultiMedia Card (MMC)
- Voice Activation System (VAS)
- Digital 2x Amplifier for input/output sound streams
- Compatible with most speech recognition software
- Display On/Off to save battery power
- Ergonomic Design
- Extended Play Modes
o single file playback
o loop single file playback
o play all files in a folder
o play all files in a folder in loop mode

Productivity Features:

- One-touch Recording
- Customizable hardware buttons
- Fast Forward and Fast Rewind

Additional Features:

- Beam recording
- Email recording
- Built-in File Manager
- Audio file folder management
- Recording List Sorting
- LED blinks while recording
- Input/Output level indicator

Support Features:

- Full User Guide
- Online Help
- Free Lifetime Software Upgrade
- Technical Support

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