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Sleepy Music Box 1.0

Sleepy Music Box™ The latest mobile application from Sleepless Software Inc.

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Sleepy Music Box™

The latest mobile application from Sleepless Software Inc.

Music boxes! Those wonderful little wind-up toys that play a delicate, soothing, tune, over and over, to help your young ones to drift off to a good nights' sleep. What could could be more wonderful? An improved music box!

There are a few unfortunate things about mechanical music boxes:

* The song starts at a rapid tempo and slows down much too quickly.
* They usually stop playing right in the middle of the melody.
* They must be wound repeatedly with a disruptive, ratcheting sound that can wake your child.

Designed by parents who use it themselves, the Sleepy Music Box app solves all of these problems. It is a simple tool for a simple job and it does the job superbly!


* Select from 3 relaxing, melodies, recorded specifically for this app.
* Remembers the last melody played and automatically starts playing it the next time the app is loaded
* So simple, a child could (and does!) use it.
* Fully supports Android™ mobile and tablet devices.

The Sleepy Music Box is provided free of charge from the Android Marketplace as a public service to parents everywhere!

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