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Song Idea Generator 1.0.3

Let the SONG IDEA GENERATOR be your muse!

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iPhone OS 3.0 Tested
Are you a MUSICIAN stumped for the lyrics of your next hit? Let the SONG IDEA GENERATOR be your muse!

From the masterminds at The Directors Bureau comes an application that can cure any creative block. The Song Idea Generator™ randomly combines three phrases together, allowing chance to foster ingenuity.

Shake the phone or tap tap the screen to produce LYRICS ready for your musical execution.

Rock, Pop, Folk, Hip Hop, Electro? The SONG IDEA GENERATOR is completely universal and the possibilities are endless.

-Oh baby / when will you give me / the look of love
-Please / its sexy in / the virtual world
-Ohhh / take me from / this lonely road
-Its time, / give me / the digital gift

The application is fully customizable, so you can adapt it to work specifically for your own lyrical combinations.

Get out your piano, guitar, tuner, synth keyboard, radio, DJ, cowbell, bass, drums and start to jam- the lyrics are taken care of.

Only speak Esperanto? You can manually change the word lists to be your language of choice.

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