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Spool: Save videos & webpages 0.7.6

Save videos, images, and text from the web onto your phone.

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License: Freeware

Downloads: 349

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Publisher's Description of Spool: Save videos & webpages 0.7.6

Save videos, images, and text from the web onto your phone for free!

Spool is the best way to watch videos and read webpages on your phone, even offline!

Best of all, your friends can add items to your Spool list so that you never have to search for interesting things to read and watch.

Click More to read about how we use permissions.

Spool combines the functionality of Instapaper, ReadItLater, VLC and flash media players, video downloaders, and bookmarking / bookmarklet tools.

And best of all, the Spool mobile app is free, unlike many other apps, which charge up to $10.

With Spool, you can:

★ Save text, images, and videos from any webpage onto your Android device
★ Watch videos from more websites than you can with any other app
★ Read articles and watch videos offline (when you are traveling, commuting, or have no network)
★ Automatically download saved content in the background
★ Keep your saved webpages and videos synced across all your devices (work/home computers, phone, and tablet)
★ Suggest items that your friends will find interesting, and have them do the same for you

How does Spool work?

1. Spool stores a copy of any webpage or video you've requested in the cloud
2. Saved content can be viewed using the Spool web app or mobile app
3. The mobile app automatically downloads saved content to your phone for offline access
4. All videos & images are converted to a phone-friendly format

Permissions Explanation:
Spool currently requires access to the following privileges:

For managing your Spool account settings

Network Communication:
For accessing the network to stream and download content.

Personal Information:
Read Contacts: To allow you to quickly share articles you've read with others (this feature is under development)
Write Contacts: To allow us to add Spool to your contacts list (at your request) so that you may forward email links to Spool and have them queued.

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