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TagPlayer is a music player that lets you organize your music while you're on th

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TagPlayer is a music player that lets you organize your music while you're on the way. Tag songs while playing with arbitrary tags. Media time memory system lets you add bookmarks on time positions to easily find a position in a specific song again. The app supports touch screen devices as well as keyboard devices. The keyboard layout can be shown over Menu->Help. Other Features: Delete songs on the fly physically from file system to free up space on your memory card. Search case insensitive substring lets you easily find songs on your file system. Enqueue feature lets you create ordered playlists. If you just want to start to shuffle after choosing the base Dir just press key "6" or button "Next" in main screen. New Version 1.2: Lots of bugfixes, Tag shown in main display, Shuffle over untagged feature, enhanced landscape mode.

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