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3D Mini-Dogfight 2.00

World War II flying game for your phone

Software Information of 3D Mini-Dogfight 2.00

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Windows Mobile


Size: 906KB

Developer: Omnigsoft

Category: Mobile Games

License: Demo

Downloads: 895

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Publisher's Description of 3D Mini-Dogfight 2.00

3D Mini-Dogfight is a graphically-rich air combat simulation for Windows Mobile, which handles very well for a mobile game.

The animation in 3D Mini-Dogfight is smooth enough and there are some cool sound effects and background music to keep your pulse racing as you play. There are even cool video replays so you can see what happened to you after the game.

In the full version of 3D Mini-Dogfight you get to choose to fly in one of four planes taken from the different armies of WWII, namely the Supermarine Spitfire, Yakovlev Yak-9, Messerschmitt BF109G, and the P51 Mustang. In the trial version only the Spitfire is available. You can also choose from five different kinds of terrain and four difficulty levels.

The game controls in 3D Mini-Dogfight are easy to master and you can use the touchscreen or the directional buttons to guide your craft through the sky. The gameplay itself is fun - but only up to a point. This is because there isn't really a structured story to 3D Mini-Dogfight. There are no missions or campaigns to compete in, and no objectives to achieve. You simply fly through the the air shooting things down.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the way 3D Mini-Dogfight plays, it's just that its lack of structure makes it a little one dimensional.

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Windows Mobile


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