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3D Mini-Kayak 1.1

Explore the countryside in a canoe

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Size: 4MB

Category: Mobile Games

License: Demo

Downloads: 301

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Publisher's Description of 3D Mini-Kayak 1.1

Whitewater rafting is a fun and exhilarating experience but if you don't fancy getting wet then 3D Mini-Kayak is a safer bet than the real thing.

3D Mini-Kayak is a canoing simulation in which you need to steer yourself downstream through a variety of natural landscapes. Besides simply traversing the waters you must also capture the memories of your voyage by taking pictures of animals you encounter along the way.

It's not your average arcade game and there are no guns, robots or zombies. Instead, 3D Mini-Kayak offers a relaxing gaming experience in which you can sit back and enjoy the tranquil sound effects of birds twittering and the river lapping against the banks, while keeping your eyes peeled for passing raccoons, deer, cougars and the like. The controls in 3D mini-Kayak are very simple - you steer your canoe using the directional buttons, and when an animal comes into range you click on the camera icon, direct the focus and click the action button to take your shot. Points are awarded for the way your picture is framed and how close to the creature you got.

Although its a pleasurable game to play, ultimately 3D Mini-Kayak gets a little boring and repetitive. In fact, the simple controls and peaceful noises and visuals, might even send you to sleep.

As a result, 3D Mini-Kayak is perfect for calming down on the bus home from a stressful day at work - just don't expect much action.

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