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Angry Pigs Seasons Free 1.9.5

Angry Birds clone that brings nothing new

Software Information of Angry Pigs Seasons Free 1.9.5

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Developer: SolverLabs

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free (ads)

Downloads: 1067

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Publisher's Description of Angry Pigs Seasons Free 1.9.5

Angry Pigs Seasons is a faithful Angry Birds clone with just a few changed touches.

If you haven't gathered from the title itself, launching Angry Pigs Seasons will make it readily apparent that this game is a bit for bit clone of Angry Birds. Instead of flinging angry birds at smug pigs, you fling angry pigs at smug dogs.

Gameplay is identical to Angry Birds. There are different types of pigs in Angry Pigs Seasons but they're difficult to tell apart because the only thing differentiating them are their small hats. They are brief tutorials on how to use each pig, exactly like what Rovio does for their game.

While the game is fun, its performance is another story. Touch input was spotty and frame rates dropped constantly, making the whole game stutter. The physics in Angry Pigs Seasons aren't satisfying. Pigs don't hit with a sense of impact and objects fall unrealistically.

Overall, Angry Pigs Seasons is a fun game but brings nothing new or exciting that we haven't already seen in Angry Birds.

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