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Best Kamasutra 1.00

Add some spice to your love life

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Size: 783KB

Developer: SmartphoneWare

Category: Education Apps

License: Trial version

Downloads: 1365

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Publisher's Description of Best Kamasutra 1.00

The Kamasutra taught us that reproduction can be fun and has been helping couples enjoy rich and rewarding sex lives for many years.

If you want to ignite the flames of passion in your relationship you could do worse than to install Best Kamasutra on your mobile. The application contains a guide to more than 600 different sexual positions designed to get your pulse racing.

The positions are divided neatly into categories, which appear on the opening screen of the program. From here you can choose to view all the positions, or just those from a particular kind of position, such as man on top, woman on top, standing, table, chair, aquatic, and lots more.

Each position is represented in the form of a black and white drawing of a couple assuming that act. However, the drawings are quite basic and it's often difficult to work out exactly what's going on in the picture. Some of the positions are quite similar to each other, so telling them apart from each other can be tricky at times. What's more, there are no text descriptions to accompany each of the pictures.

You can scroll through the images using the left and right buttons on your handset and if there's one that you particularly like you can add it to your Favorites for quicker reference next time.

Although the images in this guide are not very detailed, Best Kamasutra still makes for a great way of spicing up your sex life. Best of all, you can keep it to hand at all times, so it's ready whenever the mood takes you!

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