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Brain Games for SmartPhone 2.10

Train your brain on your Smartphone

Software Information of Brain Games for SmartPhone 2.10

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Size: 1MB

Developer: Resco

Category: Mobile Games

License: Trial version

Downloads: 416

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Publisher's Description of Brain Games for SmartPhone 2.10

Brain training games are all the rage these days, and Resco Brain Games brings an accomplished take on the format to Windows Mobile devices.

Brain Games is designed to help you improve your mental capabilities by following a course of different tests and puzzles. There are 36 in all, which test challenge your skills in mathematics, memory and analysis. Each of the 36 brain games are broken down into ten separate tests of rising difficulty, and you can't progress to the next difficulty level until you've finished the previous test.

You're awarded stars out of five depending on how many questions you get right and how quickly you finish the brain games. A glamorous teacher is on-hand to award you your points, or simply to give you instructions on what to do.

The control system is Resco Brain Games has been very well designed and makes for intuitive use via the direction pad. The layout of the answer buttons means you have no excuse for being slow to answer, as they're incredibly simple to access.

There's no doubt that the tests in Brain Games are great for boosting your brain power, and as I could clearly see from the comprehensive statistics section, I found myself steadily improving over time. My only slight qualm would be that the games aren't diverse enough. Perhaps some word puzzles or reflex-testing games would've made Brain Games a more well-rounded app.

Nevertheless, Resco Brain Games is without doubt one of the best Smartphone brain trainers around.

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