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Bubble Popper 1.0

Burst the bubbles to score big points

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Size: 541KB

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free

Downloads: 403

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Publisher's Description of Bubble Popper 1.0

Bubble Popper is a fun puzzle game which tests your powers of observation.

Your task in Bubble Popper is to wipe out a stack of colored bubbles. It's a lot harder than you think because you can only pop bubbles if they are touching one or more other bubbles of the same color. Tap one that meets this criteria and all of the bubbles in that chain will be removed.

Bubble Popper isn't the most sophisticated game around, but its charm lies in its simplicity. The graphics are clean and tidy, the rules are easy to pick up, and playing the game couldn't be easier. Bubble Popper does represent enough of a challenge to keep you coming back for more, too.

There aren't a huge amount of options or different game modes in Bubble Popper, so the game tends to get a bit repetitive. There is a high scores table though, so you can at least enjoy the challenge of trying to beat your personal best.

It's not exactly a mind-blowing, original format, but Bubble Popper is the perfect timewaster for the bus stop or train station.

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