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Dominoes (SP) 3.0

Mobile dominoes

Software Information of Dominoes (SP) 3.0

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Size: 940KB

Developer: Omegaone

Category: Mobile Games

License: Trial version

Downloads: 145

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Publisher's Description of Dominoes (SP) 3.0

Dominoes is a game, that I suddenly realised when I played this version, I have no understanding of whatsoever. It's always been a very simple game for me. Just match the numbers until you have no more playing pieces and hope you're empty-handed before your opponent. Oh, how wrong I was. It appears there is a whole new world of dominoes that I never knew about. And this mobile version allows you to explore it with a combination of good gameplay and helpful advice.

You can play against the computer or in two-player mode with four levels of difficulty, from nice and easy to extremely tough. The computer plays at a fast pace no matter what level you choose so you're never waiting tiresomely for the next move. The automatic score keeps count on the screen which can be encouraging or off-putting depending on how you're doing and if you need a perfect environment to reach your dominoes pinnacle then change the background to an aesthetically pleasing display.

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