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EasyCalc 1.25

A simple and powerful scientific calculator

Software Information of EasyCalc 1.25

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Size: 2MB

Developer: Penguin

Category: Education Apps

License: Free

Downloads: 517

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Publisher's Description of EasyCalc 1.25

EasyCalc is a graphing, scientific calculator for Palms and PalmPilots. Of course it has all the capabilities and ease-of-use of the built-in "4-Banger" that comes with the PalmPilot, but also includes trigonometric functions, financial functions, complex numbers and graphing. In addition, you can define your own functions and variables with names up to 10 characters long and nesting up to ten levels deep. Values may range between 1E-100 and 1E250.

Other features:

* Multiple screens easily categorize functions

* "ANS" button

* Scrollable history

* Scrolling list for functions

* Zoom-in and Zoom-out for graphs

* Plot multiple functions at a time

* User definable axis

* Radian, Degree or Grad mode

* Hex, Decimal, Binary or Octal computing modes

* Normal, Scientific or Engineering output modes

* User selectable precision to 15 digits

* Automatic match for brackets

* Full clipboard support

* Complex numbers

* Normal, polar and parametric graphs with support for tracing the graphs and table mode

* Support for color palms

* Support for lists and some statistical operations

* And many more coming in future versions.

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