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Euro Football 1.0.5

Recreate the European Championships on your phone

Software Information of Euro Football 1.0.5

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Size: 191KB

Developer: Hovr

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free (ads)

Downloads: 335

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Publisher's Description of Euro Football 1.0.5

Euro Football is a fun soccer game for Java mobile phones. If you're a fan of international soccer then you should really check out Euro Football, because it offers you the chance to taste European Championship glory while you're sat on the bus.

Euro Football is one of the better mobile-based soccer games I've seen. You can choose from 16 different countries and participate in Friendly, League, or Cup modes. Before each match you get to play with your formations (all matches are six-a-side) and your starting line-up. Each team in Euro Football features real players from that selection (though names have been changed a bit to cover any licensing issues).

Once you've picked your team you're ready to start the match. The first thing you'll notice is the bright, colorful graphics in Euro Football. Limiting the matches to six-a-side really helps here because it allows the player sprites to be much bigger than in most 11-a-side mobile soccer sims. The background music is a little irritating, although this can be turned off beforehand through the options menu.

As you start playing Euro Football, you'll realize that the control system is rather different to your average football game. Instead of using all of the directional buttons, only the left and right keys are assigned (or, in this case, 4 and 6).

Players will move in the direction indicated on the arrow above them and to rotate from going forwards to backwards you need to spin the player left or right, rather than using the up and down direction buttons as in most football sims. It's a nice idea from the developer of Euro Football, but unfortunately it makes it very confusing for anyone who is used to the conventional method.

Euro Football gets a bonus point for its Bluetooth-based multi-player mode, known as multiYou, which allows you to battle it out against a friend for free.

Euro Football is an accomplished soccer sim, although the controls take a bit of getting used to.

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