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Facade 1.4.11

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Software Information of Facade 1.4.11

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Windows Mobile


Size: 876KB

Developer: Sbsh

Category: Productivity Apps

License: Trial version

Downloads: 1179

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Publisher's Description of Facade 1.4.11

The standard Windows Mobile desktop isn't all that bad, but there's definitely a few things I would have done differently if I was a Microsoft developer. Facade provides you with the chance to use the mobile OS in a different way by applying a whole new desktop user environment to the device.

Once installed, the application fills the home screen with several new icons that provide you with quicker access to your applications and system information. This makes it great for quickly checking the weather, jotting down notes or viewing calendar events without having to wade through the menu system. The installation of Facade also applies one of a choice of three new skins to the desktop, which are all pretty classy.

The only downside of the app is that it tends to make the screen look a little cluttered, but if you're delving into lots of mobile applications and checking system information on a regular basis, it makes sense to install Facade.

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Windows Mobile


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