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fcGoogleTalk (SP) 1.0

Instant messaging client for Google Talk

Software Information of fcGoogleTalk (SP) 1.0

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Size: 801KB

Developer: Flowchoice

Category: Browser & Internet

License: Free

Downloads: 777

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Publisher's Description of fcGoogleTalk (SP) 1.0

Having recently ditched MSN Messenger for Google Talk, I've become addicted to chatting via instant messaging again, and I'm finding it difficult to be away from the medium for more than a few minutes.

Thankfully, I can now venture out of the house once in a while thanks to fcGoogleTalk, a mobile client that allows you to chat with your Google buddies on the move.

Although somewhat rudimentary in its design, the user environment contains all you need to get chatting, including requirements for identifying your user account, online contact listing, the ability to change your online status, and obviously the ability to send and receive messages.

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