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Fingerprint Lock Screen 1.5

You can use this Fingerprint lock screen to unlock your Android phone

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Size: 377KB

Category: Entertainment & Multimedia

License: Free

Downloads: 2525

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Publisher's Description of Fingerprint Lock Screen 1.5

You can use this Fingerprint lock screen to unlock your Android phone. This is a real Lock screen App which shows up when you press your sleep/wake (power) button. all you have to do is put your finger on the scanner and unlock the phone.

You can use Fingerprint lock screen as your default locker or you can even use it as a secondary screen lock.

In default mode this app works as an alternative secondary lockscreen. When you unlock your phone from your lockscreen, a 'Fingerprint Scanner' will automatically pop up. It’s really handy to have this kind of lockscreen. Your friends will be amazed and having this kind of lock is always better for security.

Actually the touch screen of your Android phones can not read fingerprints, it only respond to touch. but you can fool your friends and they will think you've built a real biometric fingerprint reader in the touch screen of your Android phone.

How to unlock?

1) Put your finger on the screen.

2) You will notice that the brightness of the background will be little bit change at some point. Quickly lift your finger and it will unlock.

3) Watch the video for more details.

if you want to quickly access to your phone, just quickly tap on the scanner!

** Recent Comments **

"Good app, this is 1 of the few fingerprint lock screen apps that do not immediately die throws with advertising and spam. The app works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy Note and has only 1 drawback: it does not look pretty. Although I do recommend this app as one of the best of its kind."

Thank you very much for your feedback!!

This App is compliant with all of Google’s Content Policy requirements, as published on July 31, 2012.

This app will add a few search access points on your device. If you do not want to use this new search page, you can either ignore it or delete it. If you do use it, we get a few cents and it will help us a lot to keep developing more apps. If you don’t, you can delete it and no harm is done (our app remains the same, no need to uninstall it!). Thank you.

Recent changes:
- Fixed bugs

Content rating: Low Maturity

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