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Game Theme Pack (S60 3rd)

Decorate your mobile with images from your favorite games

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symbian s60 v3


Size: 19MB

Category: Customize Your Mobile

License: Free

Downloads: 1344

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Publisher's Description of Game Theme Pack (S60 3rd)

I've played so many videogames down the years that I now count a lot of the characters among my best friend. It's sad, I know, but when games have played such a major part of your life then it's often a wrench to spend time away from them.

This pack of themes ensures that you never have to be, as it contains a collection of pictures from computer games that you can use to adorn your phone.

The collection includes 15 items based on favourites such as Mario, Need for Speed, Halo, Devil May Cry and World of Warcraft. Each of these items includes a background picture featuring one or all of the characters, customised toolbars and, in some cases, icons and restyled clocks.

I would've liked to see some more retro classics featured among the offering, but if you're a console-head then this pack will make you feel at home everytime you use your cellphone.

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symbian s60 v3


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