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Google Mobile App 2.3.13

Google's apps and services at your fingertips

Software Information of Google Mobile App 2.3.13

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symbian s40


Size: 733KB

Developer: Google

Category: Browser & Internet

License: Free

Downloads: 3279

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Publisher's Description of Google Mobile App 2.3.13

The Google Mobile App allows you to perform quick web searches and access useful Google applications on your mobile phone.

Open the Google Mobile App and you'll see the familiar Google logo and search bar. Start typing in this bar and the app will auto-suggest the keywords you might be looking for. When you click Search the results are loaded within the application interface. Click on a search result and it will open up the Symbian internet browser and load the page there.

Google Mobile App also includes a voice search feature. Just hold down the Call button and speak and the program will search the web using the word it thinks it heard. It's generally pretty accurate but, of course, you can try again if Google Mobile App mishears you.

Besides the search you'll find handy shortcuts to other Google applications and services within the Google Mobile App. The main toolbar includes icons for the mobile versions of Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube. Unfortunately, the app doesn't include these by default and you'll need to download and install them separately, which is a bit of a nuisance.

Click the More button in the Google Mobile App and a pop-up will appear with icons linking to even more Google products, such as Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Reader. These are essentially just shortcuts though, which open links in the browser.

Although it's not strictly a self-contained suite of Google products, Google Mobile App makes for a neat portal to all of these services on your mobile.

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symbian s40


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