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Google Translate by Binu 3.0

Translate text into over 50 languages

Software Information of Google Translate by Binu 3.0

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Size: 175KB

Developer: BiNu

Category: Education Apps

License: Free

Downloads: 716

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Publisher's Description of Google Translate by Binu 3.0

Google Translate by Binu is a great tool for people who need quick simple translation on the go.

When considering the amount of translation apps release, Google Translate by Binu is one of the first that come to mind. The Java version features more than 50 different languages that it can translate to and from, allowing users to communicate with each other.

Google Translate by Binu contains a simple interface, focusing on the translation of languages rather than adding unnecessary flourishes. Choosing from the base language and the translate language only takes a few clicks before entering the chosen text to translate to. It does not take any time if the user is familiar with the browser version of Google Translate by Binu.

By using an internet connection, Google Translate by Binu connects online to register the entered text for translation. It only takes a few seconds before Google Translate imports the results. The only problem that might arise is the translated text is presented in the native language without a phonetic translation. So if the user is unfamiliar with certain languages that use ideograms, it is much more difficult to utilize.

Google Translate by Binu performs just like its browser-based kin, just on Java. Its simple interface is perfect for quick translation, but should not be considered for more complex phrases.

Still one of the best translation services, Google Translate by Binu is a great addition for mobile devices.

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