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GPS master 2.3

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Size: 194KB

Category: Travel Apps

License: Free

Downloads: 663

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Publisher's Description of GPS master 2.3

GPS master is a program to connect your Palm Handheld device to a Garmin/NMEA GPS-receiver. This is the only freeware program with a wide range of GPS functions available.

The program has 'standard' GPS operations, which are already available on your Palm, as well as the following features:

  • Download/Upload your waypoints from/to GPS to Palm and vice versa;

  • Download of tracks from GPS

  • Download/Upload of routes from/to GPS

  • Support Sony HiRes and JogDial

  • Support memory cards

  • Analize and browse your GPS data on Palm without connection to GPS;

  • Perform additional calculations which are not provided by GPS (useful for cheap or OEM GPS-receivers);

  • Tracks recording with optimization (useful for cheap or OEM GPS-receivers);

  • Conversion of tracks to routes;

  • Follow a route (with control circle around intermediate points and recommended direction pointer);

  • Cross-calculations of distance and azimuth between different waypoints;

  • Go to waypoints (with recommended direction pointer);

One of the best Freeware GPS programs you'll find.

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