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IdiomaX Mobile Translator (SP) 5.0

Turn your phone into a mobile translator

Software Information of IdiomaX Mobile Translator (SP) 5.0

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Size: 27MB

Developer: Idiomax

Category: Education Apps

License: Trial version

Downloads: 592

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Publisher's Description of IdiomaX Mobile Translator (SP) 5.0

Working in Spain and being of English tongue I often get caught short when out shopping, in a restaurant or chatting with friends. Rather than investing in a pocket translator I decided to give the IdioMaX Mobile Translator a go on my mobile phone.

The program is a powerful language tool that provides a complete environment for translating word, phrases or even conjugating verbs in five different languages, namely: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

The interface is neatly laid-out and has preset options for translating between two particular languages, meaning you just need enter the word or phrase you want to translate then select the corresponding translation.

I found the accuracy of the translation very good and it's certainly much better than most of the web-based translators out there.

I would've liked to see phonetic notation to help with pronunciation but on the whole, IdiomaX Mobile Translator provides an effective way of deciphering foreign languages while you're out and about.

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