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iPhone Ringtone Remixes

Get a remixed iPhone ringtone on your phone

Software Information of iPhone Ringtone Remixes

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Size: 3MB

Developer: Iphoneworld

Category: Customize Your Mobile

License: Free

Downloads: 1790

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Publisher's Description of iPhone Ringtone Remixes

You may not be able to afford an iPhone at the moment, but at least you can pretend to people that you have one thanks to this nifty download.

The iPhone Ringtone Remixes is a collection of MP3 tones based around the distinctive Apple original.

You get three different ringtones to choose between, along with the typical iPhone SMS message alert.

They are packaged in MP3 format for use on your mobile and all of them are of decent sound quality.

If you want people to think you have an iPhone in your pocket everytime your phone rings then these tones are perfect, although you could end up just getting embarrassed when you pull out your old, beaten-up handset.

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