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iSkoot (BB) 1.1

Make Skype calls on your Blackberry

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Size: 465KB

Developer: Iskoot

Category: Browser & Internet

License: Free

Downloads: 5071

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Publisher's Description of iSkoot (BB) 1.1

iSkoot is a free program that puts Skype on your Blackberry. As a result, you can make calls to people, chat via IM and even receive Skype calls to your mobile. You can also use iSkoot to make cheaper international calls using the SkypeOut service.

Setting up iSkoot is a painless procedure. You just need to select your model, download the installer and enter your Skype ID and password once the client is installed (you can create a new account if you need to). Your Skype contacts are automatically displayed in iSkoot and you can start calling right away by clicking on the name. Anyone familiar with Skype will be able to pick it up straight away, but there is a handy online help section if you need some assistance.

Call quality in iSkoot is generally excellent, and data connection speeds aren't really an issue, due to the way the system works. iSkoot basically connects you to a server which is in turn connected to the voice network via a regular mobile call.

The only problem with this method is that it means you may get hit with long distance call charges, since you don't know what the number will be until the iSkoot server makes the call. The upshot of this is that if you're using your phone abroad you could end up racking up a large bill calling home as you will get hit with roaming charges. For making Skype calls in your own country though, the service is great as you bypass the need to pay call charges.

Provided you're only using it close to home, iSkoot offers you a great way to chat cheaply on your Blackberry mobile device.

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