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iSurf 1.3

Software Information of iSurf 1.3

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Size: 15KB

Category: Browser & Internet

License: Free

Downloads: 169

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Publisher's Description of iSurf 1.3

iSurf is a new, easy to use PalmOS web browser. iSurf is incredibly lightweight yet amazingly powerful. In short - what a PalmOS web browser should be!

Features of iSurf include:

HTML, NSApp, and Web Clipping Support

iSurf is able to go to regular HTML formatted web sites, NSApp Content Services, and Web Clipping sites... seamlessly! No change in configuration is necessary!

Peer Rendering

iSurf integrates the latest wave of peer technology to incorporate peer rendering, which allows the bulk of the processing to be done remotely. The result is the flexibility (mentioned above) , and the robust rendering capabilities - without the "freezes" other web browsers experience.

View Graphics!

With iSurf, you are not limited to text! Of course, there is the option to disable images (providing your handheld supports this) , but there are times when a picture is all you need, and iSurf is what you need to view it!

A Useful Portal

iSurf provides it users with a free, easy to use online portal that connects them instantly to the best mobile sites on the internet. From news to travel to sports to weather to finance to entertainment, no mobile portal is more comprehensive!

Innovative, Time saving!

When you need to find a good site for your needs in a snap, look no further! With Keyword browsing, iSurf queries Google to find the best matching site(s) for you. And with the integrated search, finding what you're looking for hasn ever been quicker.

Very Easy to use

iSurf was engineered from the ground up to be the easiest browser in the world to use, with detailed explanations, and zero setup.

Feature packed web browser for your Palm PDA.

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