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Convert your mobile into a multi-function light

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Size: 471KB

Developer: Pocketpt

Category: Tools & Utilities

License: Free

Downloads: 1136

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Publisher's Description of LightCommunicator

If you're afraid of the dark then perhaps you carry a torch around with you wherever you go, like me. While it's great for checking that there are no ghosts or monsters around, it can get a little cumbersome.

Thankfully, LightCommunicator helps you dispense with the need for a torch, allowing you to harness your LCD screen on your mobile to shed some light on any subject.

There are already a few programs that provide you with a light, and many phone models include this feature built-in.

LightCommunicator is a bit different though, because it offers three different light modes.

There's a disco mode to attract attention when you're in a nightclub, a car headlight mode, which provides a medium brightness light, and a maximum-intensity function for bright illumination when things are really dark.

Ultimately, the first two modes are a bit gimmicky. The party mode lighting simply isn't strong enough for people to see you across a packed dancefloor, and if you tried to guide a car at night using the headlight mode you'd end up in the nearest ditch.

At maximum strength though, the program provides a useful way of finding your way.

If you're a night owl who doesn't want the burden of carrying a torch around with you all the time, LightCommander is a useful piece of kit.

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