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Angels and devils collide at tic-tac-toe

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Size: 915KB

Developer: Mothiva

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free

Downloads: 191

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Publisher's Description of mGomoku

One of the problems I've always had with tic-tac-toe (or naughts and crosses as you may know it) is that the games are either over quickly or they end up in a draw.

mGomoku changes all that, adding a more in-depth spin on the classic game, where instead of joining three naughts or crosses in a row, you need to make a line of five.

Games in mGomoku are played on a large board with lots of very small squares. You simple need to tap any free square and your character (the angel or the devil) will throw their piece into that square. This in itself can be a tricky process unless your careful, as you can often end up selecting the wrong square and blowing your chances.

mGomoku is great fun to play and mightily difficult to defeat. There are six levels of difficulty to choose from, but I found even the easiest took a lot of patience to become good at. One good thing is that all your performances are recorded automatically in the stats section, meaning you can keep track of your progress.

Apart from the bizarre sound effects the only thing I disapproved of in mGomoku was the tragic omission of a multi-player mode. A game as fun and strategic as this is always best enjoyed when battling it out against a friend.

As a one-player game though, mGomoku will certainly keep you amused for some time.

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