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Category: Communication Apps

License: Free

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Publisher's Description of MiniTones b 0.1

The first thing you need to do to get a cool phone is get a cool ringtone, unless you don't like ringtones and don't want to annoy anyone in which case you'll just keep your phone on vibrate especially when in public. Not that I have anything against ringtones, of course. However, if you do want a wacky or just your favourite piece of music to play every time someone gives you a call then MiniTones can help you choose any tune you want.

The freeware allows you to select any MP3 or, even better, cut out an extract of a chosen song or composition, for example you like the keyboard intro of Pulp's Common People you can just select that. This is especially helpful when selecting ringtones because the piece of music should only be playing for 30 seconds by which time the call should have been answered or switched to answerphone. One problem is that the software copies the file to the main memory of the Palm, and runs the risk of slowing everything down. So be careful how much music you transfer.

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