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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 1.0.0

Escape the cops in this thrilling racing game

Software Information of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 1.0.0

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Size: 798KB

Developer: Electronic Arts

Category: Mobile Games

License: Full Version

Downloads: 866

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Publisher's Description of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 1.0.0

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is an exciting racing game where you have a choice: play as a cop or get chased by cops!

What's Need for Speed Hot Pursuit about?

Start the career mode in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and you'll get to choose to be the racer or the police. Depending on which you choose, the subsequent missions will vary. Essentially, in the racing mode you'll be racing other cars and trying to outrun the cops before the catch you, and in the cop mode the missions are based around chasing crooks and setting up road blocks.

You gain 'bounty' for winning races, outrunning cops and achieving objectives, and this can be used to unlock new levels, upgrade your car with bonus items and purchase new vehicles. Sadly, there aren't many different cars to unlock in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, unlike Gameloft's Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, which has more than 50 to choose from.

How does it look?

Graphically, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit isn't as detailed as other Java racing games like Asphalt 6 or Driver: San Fransisco. The car models are pretty weedy and you don't get that intense feeling of speed from the animation that the other titles give you. Backgrounds aren't that spectacular but they're neat enough.

The controls in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit are very easy to master. Use the left and right direction buttons to steer; down to brake; and up to employ your nitros (or the equivalent key on the number pad). There is a tutorial included in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit to help you master the basics.

What else can you do?

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit includes an online mode where you can race others for the highest score in scheduled weekly tournaments. This is great fun to do, and it's also possible to share high scores through Facebook, Twitter and such.

There are in-app purchases available within Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, which allow you to purchase extra bounty to help you unlock events, cars and power-ups. Inevitably, you'll have to resort to this if you don't want to replay the same level over trying to build up enough money to unlock the next course.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit introduces a new twist on the racing game genre by allowing you to play as the police, although the overall game isn't spectacular.

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