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Nokia Racing 2.0

Drive as far as possible

Software Information of Nokia Racing 2.0

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symbian s40


Size: 3KB

Developer: Nokia

Category: Mobile Games

License: Free

Downloads: 1205

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Publisher's Description of Nokia Racing 2.0

Nokia Racing is a simple racing game where you drive as far as possible.

Racing fans may not find the speed of Nokia Racing to be extremely fast, but where the game excels is the strategic driving required to achieve good distances.

Cars drive from a vertical view, and you have to move your car around collecting repair and gas kits while avoiding road hazards and other cars. Each time you drive into another car or over a hazard, your car loses health and when you reach zero, the race is over.

It is simple at first, but requires timing and thinking to keep your car healthy.

Graphics in Nokia Racing are simplistic, but the game plays without any problems. Controls are easy. Touch the direction you want the car to drive and in a grid system, the car will move that direction. The challenge of Nokia Racing happens the further you drive with different hazards and the difficulty of the computer opponents.

Nokia Racing is a great, easy racing game.

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symbian s40


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