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P2KTools Mod

Synchronize your Motorola with your PC

Software Information of P2KTools Mod

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Size: 3MB

Developer: P2KTools

Category: Communication Apps

License: Free

Downloads: 2223

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Publisher's Description of P2KTools Mod

P2KTools Mod allows you to synchronize data from your P2K Motorola Phone to your PC. We have to admit that we were a bit confused by this application when we first came across it, and the fact that it is only in Russian was partly reason for that.

After a bit of tinkering with it, we managed to understand the different things you can do with P2KTools Mod. Once you've connected your Motorola phone to your PC and opened up the program, you’ll be able to access a number of customizing options. We liked the little preview window, handy when creating your own theme and checking it out before setting it on your phone. You can also check your contacts and events stored on your phone and edit them on your PC from the P2KTools Mod.

A large part of the program is also dedicated to configuring and editing your SIM card. You can create a backup copy on your PC, setting bit rate or converting from UCS to ASCI and vice versa. The program also lets you set menu elements like IM, messaging and the use of Java in your Motorola phone.

P2KTools Mod is an interesting application that caters to users who enjoy modding their own phones. However, the fact that it only works with Motorola models and is only in Russian will limit the number of users it can appeal to.

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