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PAC-MAN (SP) 1.1

The famous muncher

Software Information of PAC-MAN (SP) 1.1

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Size: 313KB

Category: Mobile Games

License: Demo

Downloads: 665

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Publisher's Description of PAC-MAN (SP) 1.1

Surely I don't have to describe this one to you. However, I do get paid to do a job and as an industrious professional keen to earn his monthly wage I am obliged to turn in an expert review at all times.

So here goes. It's PAC-MAN.

Oh alright, PAC-MAN is probably the most famous of all little yellow faces that gobble up yellow dots and Power Pellets while trying to escape the clutches of multi-coloured ghosts.

Eating Power Pellets turns ghosts blue during which time PAC-MAN can eat them too. Unfortunately they come alive again in the centre of the maze but it saves you a lot of time.

Once you've eaten all the dots you get to move onto the next level. This version is 100% official and exactly as you should expect. It's great fun, addictive and will give you memories of days skiving school at the arcades.

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