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Palm Web Pro - for Windows 3.0

Software Information of Palm Web Pro - for Windows 3.0

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Size: 702KB

Developer: PalmOne

Category: Browser & Internet

License: Trial version

Downloads: 1562

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Publisher's Description of Palm Web Pro - for Windows 3.0

Palm Web Pro 3. 0 provides you everything you want from the Internet - news, sports, movies, weather, and your corporate Intranet - right on your handheld.

Stay connected and productive even when you're out of the office.

Extensive support for web standards. Compliant with Internet standards - HTML 4.

01, xHTML 1. 0, cHTML, WML with default proxy, SSL 3. 0, HTTP 1. 1, JavaScript 1. 5, CSS 1. 0, GIF, animated GIF, JPEG, PNG, and Cookies.

Dual-mode functionality.

Switch between proxy and proxy-less modes. Proxy mode compresses Internet content, so you get it faster and cheaper. Proxy-less mode gives you a desktop-like experience and secure VPN access to your corporate data.

Also works with any standard HTTP proxy.

Multiple viewing options. Normal view provides the familiar interface of a desktop web browser.

Handheld view minimizes horizontal scrolling and makes content fit the small screen. Full screen eliminates navigation and status bars for maximum viewing.

Recognizable features. Roam the web with familiar features like Back and Forward buttons, Refresh, Home, History and Bookmarks.

Links to popular content. Handheld-friendly browser homepage with links to popular content such as Yahoo! Mobile providing access to news, sports, movies and weather.

Single-handed navigation. Navigate through hyperlinks, act on check boxes, radio buttons, drop down boxes, and submit buttons - with one hand - using 5-way Navigator.

Customize your start page. Choose your own start page; return to your "last viewed" page; set browser to launch with your bookmarked sites; or launch with a default homepage.

Access web content offline. Save HTML pages to your handheld for viewing later. Save web pages to an expansion card (sold separately) from your desktop and open them later on your handheld using Web Pro - without making a network connection.

Download and view files. Download any type of file and save to your handheld or an expansion card (sold separately). If you receive HTML, GIF, or JPEG attachments in VersaMail, you can open and view these files in Web Pro.

View other types of files in their respective applications.

Improved usability. Drag stylus anywhere on screen to scroll web page.

Increase viewable content on screen with small font option. Get essential starting tips through help menu.

Secure transactions. Check bank accounts, buy books online, access web-based email, and keep data secure with 128-bit SSL encryption.

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