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PocketNotepad 5.2

Free notebook for Windows Mobile

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Windows Mobile


Size: 93KB

Category: Productivity Apps

License: Free

Downloads: 2333

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Publisher's Description of PocketNotepad 5.2

If you want to jot down a few ideas on the bus to work on your Windows Mobile phone, PocketNotepad can oblige.

PocketNotepad is a free, lightweight text editor designed to help you take notes on the fly. The app supports the TXT format, allowing you to open any files that are saved like this, before editing them and then saving them out again.

The first thing you'll notice about PocketNotepad is how little it has in the way of tools - Word for WM this program ain't. To be fair to the app, it does allow you to do some things other than just typing. You can apply word wrap, select the font and text size, and insert the time and date into your text. Of course, the ubiquitous cut, copy and paste functions are also available. There's also a 'Find' tool to help you look for specific words or phrases in long text documents.

Note that you will need to install 'tGetFile.dll' from the developer's website if you want to be able to open files in PocketNotepad.

Overall, PocketNotepad is a distinctly average text editor for Windows Mobile, that brings nothing new to the table.

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