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Pool Rebel 2.1

Take to the pool table on your phone

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Size: 2MB

Category: Mobile Games

License: Demo

Downloads: 243

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Publisher's Description of Pool Rebel 2.1

Pool is one of my favourite sports (largely because you can play it in a pub) and I long to be able to play it whenever I like. Unfortunately, taking a pool table with you on the bus isn't very practical, so it's much better to install a simulation of it on your mobile device. Pool Rebel represents a decent conversion of the 'sport' to the small screen, offering realistic ball physics and a unique control system.

One of the first things you notice about the full version of this game is the sheer amount of options that are available from its well-presented interface. There are lots of characters to choose from, five different game modes, and also five levels of difficulty.

There's also an in-depth user guide, which is well worth reading because Pool Rebel is a little difficult to get to grips with at first due to the fact that it's so in-depth. Luckily there are also on-screen hints explaining how and why to use tricks such as side spin or screw-back, although again it will take you a while to master these.

Graphically, the game is exceptional, offering a realistic top-down view of a pool table and some smooth animation (this is dependent on your processor though). It also offers realistic sound effects and no annoying music.

With extras like a save function, extensive statistics and realistic ball physics, Pool Rebel has enough to keep you out of the pub for a while.

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