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Category: Browser & Internet

License: Free

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Publisher's Description of qeep 2.10

qeep is a free mobile application that connects you with your friends and allows you to make new ones online.

What does qeep do?

qeep acts like a normal social network in the way you can view profiles, exchange messages, play games, 'nudge' people, etc. One of the main benefits of qeep is the fact that it's free to send a mail through the service (called a 'QMS') than it is to send a regular SMS message (of course, you have a data plan or are using WiFi).

We were impressed by the speed in which you can get up and running with qeep. You just need to choose a username and a password to get started. Your profile information, photo and personal data can be entered at your leisure and you can start using the qeep network without it.

The qeep interface is nicely laid-out (if you excuse the rather garish purple and green color scheme), and all of the things you can do are displayed neatly on the Homepage. From here you can invite friends, view qeepers who are currently online, view photoblogs and read the big pinboard.

What's so special about qeep?

Photoblogs and the pinboard are perhaps the two most interesting aspects of qeep. The photoblogging function allows you to quickly upload a picture you've just taken on your device's camera or one stored in the memory, and add text to it. Your photoblog will then be available for everyone else in the qeep community to see.

A word of warning about this service though: not all of the photobloggers on the site are using it for innocently putting up pictures of their pets or great landscapes they've just seen. Let's just say there seem to be a lot of pretty 'liberal' qeepers out there.

The 'pinboard' function in qeep is a Twitter-style feature, whereby you can quickly jot down some text explaining what you're up to and your friends and other users can come along and view it. Another funny feature (if somewhat childish) is qeep's 'sound alerts', which are funny noises or phrases that you can send to a friend to listen to.

queep is a very well-implemented social networking service for mobile phones. Like most social networks though, it generally attracts a certain type of person. And as a result your enjoyment of it depends on who you are. qeep feels very much like it's aimed at teenagers or young-adults, preferably with an open mind.

If this sounds like you, then qeep is well worth installing on your phone.

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